5 Tips for Boosting Sexual Confidence

5 Tips for Boosting Sexual Confidence

Society hasn’t done such a great job at encouraging women to be confident in the bedroom, but I am here to tell you that enjoying sex and having fun while you do so isn’t something to be ashamed of.  In fact, more men prefer women who are open, confident and know their way around the bedroom than you would assume. Sex between lovers should involve intimacy, communication and most importantly safety.  If you’re looking for ways to bring out your inner sex kitten to be commanding and desirable in the bedroom, apply these five tips and boost your sexual confidence in no time.


Remove all thoughts about sex that aren’t your own

It may come as a surprise to you, but most of the ideals you have about sex aren’t ideas of your own.  From parents to pastors and every tv show and romance novel in between your thoughts about sexuality have been influenced by sources outside of yourself.  In order to truly become sexually confident you must remove these thoughts and connect with self to determine exactly what your ideals are about sexuality.  Take the time to listen to your intuition to determine what feels right and make a commitment to live according to your own sexual standards in confidence.


Build a sexy bedroom wardrobe

Looking and feeling sexy boosts self-esteem and confidence every time, so encourage your inner sex kitten to come to the surface by shopping for a sexy wardrobe specifically for the bedroom. Research lingerie designers and boutiques that appeal to your design preferences and body type and make a day out of shopping for you.  Consider it a self love day and even take yourself out on a date afterwards for a bite to eat. As you are trying on the clothes, take a good look at yourself in the mirror and embrace the image you see and give yourself at least two compliments.  Whatever looks and feels best, purchase those items.  Throw in a few items that you know your significant other will love, maybe in their favorite color. Once you have your wardrobe together, make it a rule to only wear your sexy wear to bed.  This can serve as a signal to your partner that you are ready and open for sex to happen and gives you the control.


Educate yourself about sexual technique

A lack of confidence in the bedroom is often a result of a lack of education about technique.  Invest in your knowledge by taking classes online and at adult boutiques.  Purchase self help books on amazon.com in subjects that interest you most in improving. There are several sources that you can reference from blogsites, youtube channels, DVDs and radio shows that can help you increase your education and sexual awareness.  Make the commitment to take time out of each day to learn at least one new thing to expand your sexual toolbox.


Talk about sex with your partner

Talking about sex not only makes the act less stressful but it also gives you a clear idea of what your partner likes and would like to experiment with.  It also helps you to become more comfortable with being sexual with your partner in sharing your desires.  If beginning the conversation is difficult for you, use sexting as a method to break the ice or an erotic letter that details your fantasies.  However you choose to communicate about sex with your partner is up to you.  Just make sure to be your authentic self and leave your inhibitions at the door.


Have sex with yourself

Masturbation is a great way for women to embrace themselves sexually and to discover what strikes up arousal.  Whether performed in the morning in the shower or in the evening right before bed, having sex with yourself will make you more relaxed and confident in knowing what your spots are and how you want to be pleased.  Sex isn’t just about satisfying your partner.  It’s also about enjoying the experience for yourself as well.  Use your favorite sex toy, a detachable shower head or your fingers to explore in between your legs and beyond and become comfortable with turning yourself on.

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