Basic Tips for Improving Oral Sex

Basic Tips for Improving Oral Sex

Oral sex is a simple way to bring pleasure to your partner that is easy to perform and doesn’t require much physical energy.  Going down can sometimes prove to be intimidating to women who aren’t very knowledgeable about how to go about the act, but there are a few simple tips that can help women at any level of experience to bring her guy closer to the orgasm he desires.  If you are a woman who has a desire to improve her fellatio skills, here are a few tips on how to make that happen.


  1. Fresh breath please

Oral hygiene is very important when it comes to going down south.  Before entering into any activity, give your mouth a quick swish of mouthwash.  Not only will it freshen your breath but it will also help your mouth create the saliva needed to make the oral sex experience more pleasurable


  1.   Prep your mouth for physical activity

You will be using your lips and tongue predominantly during the act so give your tongue a few flicks, touch the corners of your mouth with the tip of your tongue several times, pop your lips and moisturize them, and stretch your jaw by opening your mouth as wide as you can.  Consider this a stretching session for your mouth.  Doing this will help extend the life of your BJ session.


  1. Protect yourself

If you are performing with a lover who hasn’t been tested in awhile, use a barrier to protect yourself from the possibility of contracting an STI. There are flavored condoms in thin versions that can help make the experience pleasurable for you and him.


  1.  Ask him what he likes

Before going into performance, ask your lover how he likes it.  Asking him to open up about how he likes to be pleasured orally will save you time and help you avoid the awkwardness of going down and not knowing exactly what to do. Once you have an idea of how he likes to be pleasured, it’s off to the races.


  1.  Lube it up baby

A smooth glide against your lips and tongue is what makes the oral sex experience pleasurable for him and less painful for you.  If having a dry mouth is an issue for you, use a piece of sour candy at least 20-30 minutes before performing or mouthwash to produce saliva.  If all else fails, bring a bottle of water based flavored lube into the bedroom to be of assistance.


  1.  Use your hands

During performance your mouth may get tired.  Don’t underestimate the power of a good hand stroke.  Use saliva from your mouth or the lube you have handy to stroke him while you give your mouth a break.  Use dirty talk and eye contact while you do this to keep him stimulated and engaged in the experience.


  1.  Use sound effects

Men love to know that you are enjoying yourself during a BJ experience just as much as they are.  Use slurping, sucking, moaning, clicking, popping and groaning sound effects to heighten the experience and to let him know that you are having a great time.


  1.  Try anything’

Sex is all about experimentation, so while you are putting on a show, try anything.  Switch positions and locations, use your tongue and lips in various ways, try saliva tricks, use your hands and mouth in combination and whatever else comes to mind.  You can incorporate sex toys, food, sex furniture and anything else that your mind can think up.  A woman that is willing to try anything is a woman that shows confidence, and that is the sexiest thing a woman can show to a man.


There possibilities are endless when it comes to the act of oral sex.  Be confident, be excited and show your man just how much he means to you by giving him kisses down low. And always remember to enjoy yourself during the experience.

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