Lingerie: Luxury or Necessity?

Has your lingerie budget taken a back seat to all the other needs in your life? After all, when you have twenty bucks to spend, what are you going to buy, a satin leather-print cami or a new pair of shoes for your 2-year-old to replace the ones thrown out the window going 80 on the Interstate?

Your time is limited, and so is your budget.

Chances are, lingerie has been put on the “not right now” list. You can always pick up cotton undies at Wal-Mart.

Consider this: If you’re buying your bra sets and panties at the same place you’re getting your milk and ground beef, what message are you sending to yourself? That you’re not worth the effort?

What you wear under your clothes and to bed is perhaps more important than your outer clothes. Why? Only YOU, and perhaps a special someone, know what you’re wearing against your skin. If you’re wearing something plain, cheap, or threadbare, do you also think yourself as plain, cheap, or threadbare?

What if, instead, you wore something silky, daring, and luxurious?

Whether you’re a size 2 or a size 24, ICU Signature has some beautiful items to help you get back to the superb woman you know you are:

Check out this sexy little leopard-print Cami Top & Skirt combo that can be worn under your t-shirt, or by itself to bed!