Spice Up Your Sex Life with a Fantasy Jar

In the long term sex can become mundane utilizing the same techniques over and over.  Sometimes the easiest thing to do to move out of a sexual rut is to talk about what areas need to be refreshed and what can be added to spice things up, but it’s not always a simple task to talk about sex. Fact of the matter is, sex is always floating through the mind of one partner or another, yet communication about the act specifically isn’t initiated as often as it should be.  Assumptions are usually present in guessing what a partner is into erotically based on previous experiences throughout the relationship, but over time sexual preferences and triggers can change leaving one partner or both unfulfilled when these new desires aren’t discussed and tended to.   It’s a scary thing sometimes to open up to a partner about fantasies or desires that may seem abnormal, but this is what intimacy is all about; trusting that your partner understands and has your back no matter what.  If a lack of solid communication about your sexual desires is holding you back from being able to express your freakiest desires, try creating a fantasy jar as a way to open up the conversation and initiate some fun.  All you have to do is grab a large glass jar with an opening large enough to fit your hand in.  Each partner writes out 10 of their favorite fantasies on small pieces of paper and folds them up to place them in the jar.  More fantasies or sexual desires can be placed in the jar as time goes on.  On whatever day you choose to have your erotic play time, choose which partner will pull from the jar and act out whatever is on the selected piece of paper.  It’s a fun and easy game to create and play with your mate to keep things interesting.  Keep the jar in your bedroom in a place where it can be easily seen like a dresser or night stand, and decorate the jar any way you like.  The possibilities are endless!  Your sex life doesn’t have to fizzle out with time.  Keep it creative, keep it interesting, but most of all try anything.  You never know what may work to turn you and your partner on.

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