Tips on Dirty Talk in the Bedroom

Tips on Dirty Talk in the Bedroom

Participating in dirty talk with your partner is a great way to strike up arousal and to get in the mood for sex.  It’s also a positive form of reinforcement to let your partner know you’re fully engaged in the moment.  If you need a few tips on how to seduce your partner through sexy talk, we are here to help!

  1. Establish your sexual language

Everyone uses a different set of sexual words to describe their erotic activities and sexual body.  The thing to remember is that your sexual vocabulary is all your own so don’t be intimidated by comparing yourself to women in Porn or in erotic novels. Pornography and erotica can be used as inspiration for how to formulate your dirty phrases, but determine what language you are comfortable with and make it all your own.  Whether you use the word pussy to describe your vagina or the word cock to describe his penis all depends on what makes you feel sexy.

2. Practice before having intercourse

Playing around in the bedroom is similar to putting on a performance, so before trying out your newly formed “dirty talk” try it out in advance by practicing in a mirror and then through the use of phone Sex or Skype sex with your lover.  This is especially important for the woman that isn’t used to this type of activity and for the partner that isn’t used to her being vocal. Practicing with yourself first will help you get over your own awkwardness in talking dirty by connecting with yourself in a mirror. Say it to yourself until you believe it and until you feel sexy doing it.  Then schedule a call with your lover and test it out and don’t be afraid to ask for feedback.  Remember to always have fun with it.

3. Release your inhibitions

Sometimes the only thing keeping you from the sex life you desire is yourself. Talking dirty in bed isn’t shameful or something to be ashamed of. It is a healthy form of expression between lovers. Release your insecurities and judgements of yourself and learn to accept your sexual self. You deserve it.

4. Use a sexy tone

Talking dirty is always best in a low-yet audible- sultry voice. You can pinpoint your natural sultry voice by being aware of what your voice sounds like late at night before bed and early in the morning when you rise. Your dirty talk should be seductive and inviting so practice as often as possible.

5. Remember dirty talk is positive feedback

If nothing else remember that dirty talk is positive feedback to let your partner know what you desire.  It gives him encouragement to keep going or to switch things up when you request it. “Oooo yea baby I like it when I feel your cock inside of me,” is just an example of dirty talk and positive reinforcement. Always remember that you are in control of the sexual situation and guide him to deliver your pleasure.

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